Danfoss introduces game-changing Smart Sensors and Edix™ Communication tool

22 March 2021

With the brand-new Danfoss Smart Sensors™, water pump and air compressor industry OEMs and customers now get innovative design-in features – for instant fine-tuning, programming, and diagnostic capabilities. And all this via a fast, easy, and intuitive web-based user-interface.

Danfoss Smart Sensors™ is a digital and editable sensor electronics platform that enables you to use new programmable features when developing and integrating new sensors for your application. This has the potential to significantly reduce your development time throughout the design-in phase, minimize application down-time, and at the same time enable you to access reliable sensor diagnostics on-site. Another new feature in focus is an innovative way for us to offer you fast and effective remote technical support whenever needed.

The sensor solution is built on the well-proven and robust DST P140 pressure transmitter tailored for water applications, as well as the new DST P300 pressure transmitter. A One-Wire-Interface (OWI) communication protocol allows easy access to the brain of the sensor via the electrical connector of the sensor – to speak with the sensor.

Now, this is where the new Edix™ Smart Sensor Tool comes into play. This matchbox-sized tool handles the communication protocol and enables read and write capabilities through the wireless and intuitive Edix™ Smart Sensor Web-app. This means that you can use virtually any device with a web-interface as the user-interface.

“With the communication tool Edix™, you now get relevant read and write capabilities. This allows OEMs and customers to shorten business-critical development time significantly with quick sensor adaptation to new application needs – ensuring flawless pressure management when engineering booster-pump systems and similar applications for handling water,” says Senior Business Development Manager Dennis B. Carstensen.

Turn weeks into hours with smart design-in

The new digital smart sensor platform is designed to optimize and ease your engineering processes significantly by actually turning weeks into hours. In fact, it has never been easier to create a customized sensor solution. No more time-consuming prototyping waves. With the Edix™ Smart Sensor Tool, you can instantly adjust, fine-tune, and gain richer sensor data in the design-in and test phase – boosting your business with a list of new smart benefits:

  • Shorter development time
    Quick sensor adaptation to new application needs
  • Health of the device
    The health of the device can be assessed without dismantling the sensor
  • Qualification/release process
    Improved time to market and success rate
  • Fine-tuning
    Configure basic settings to find optimal configuration before locking down on sensor parameters for volume purchase
  • Remote support
    Enable us to offer you global access to remote technical support, by utilizing the new download and upload features for sensor data and file-handling – during the design-in phase

On top of this, even more smartness will be added to the Danfoss Smart Sensors™ platform in the future as new features, such as extended sensor programmability and advanced diagnostics, are already in the pipeline.

Visit the Danfoss website SmartSensors.danfoss.com to find out more about Danfoss Smart Sensors™.

Additional features of Danfoss Smart Sensors™ include:

  • Response-time-setting (sensor output characteristic)
  • Sensor offset adjustment
  • Sensor gain/pressure range adjustment
  • Sensor output adjustment (Zero and FS)
  • Output clipping/clamping level-setting
  • Diagnostics: error signal level-setting
  • Download & upload of sensor data/settings
  • Read-out of pressure signal (one-shot)

Learn more here

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