APP pump range expansion gives new options for SWRO

14 May 2019

SWRO system designers and installers have trusted Danfoss axial piston pump (APP) technology as a high-efficiency and highly flexible solution for many SWRO applications — land-based, offshore, and marine.

And for good reason. The APP pump range delivers efficiency rates as high as 92%. APP pumps are also easy to maintain and can go a long time between service appointments.

To date, the Danfoss APP pump range included sizes as low as 0.6-1.5 and as high as 53-86. Now, we’re ready to offer an additional size to make the range even more flexible and give our customers even more options.

The new Danfoss APP 92 is an extension of the APP 53-86 and is an ideal choice for medium-sized SWRO plants. It can easily run in parallel, resulting in higher flow.

The compact size and low weight of the APP pumps allow flexible configuration in almost any environment. They are also easy to maintain and can be serviced in the field, which makes the pump ideal for use in remote locations.

Features and benefits

Extensive application know-how

Highest efficiency rates in the industry

Compact and small – half size of competing pumps

Long time between service intervals

Easy and service-friendly design

Simple and reliable with high uptime

Short payback time

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  • APP high-pressure pumps - Danfoss
    High-pressure pumps for reverse osmosis applications

    High-pressure pumps for land based, off-shore and marine reverse osmosis applications

See our APP pumps in action

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Golf & Spa Resort, a popular luxury resort, replaced an aging reciprocal pump with a new Danfoss APP pump, netting them simplified maintenance, high energy cost savings, and a low total cost of ownership as fresh water flows 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Case studies

  • APP pumps for fast compliance with ZLD legislation | Dafoss
    Chinese factory chooses APP pumps for fast compliance with ZLD legislation

    To reduce the significant energy costs that result from wastewater being transformed from liquid to solids, companies are turning to RO treatment – and Danfoss APP pumps are helping to keep energy costs at a minimum due to high efficiency.

  • Gran Canaria Canaragua  | Danfoss
    Canaragua uses Danfoss pumps and ERDs for ultra-compact RO plant in Gran Canaria

    Even though Canaragua has installed dozens of SWRO plants throughout the Canary Islands, the project in Puerto de Mogán was unusual because of the focus on compactness. The municipality needed to expand water production, and the best place to locate the new plant was in the middle of the historic town right off the main square.

  • Danfoss APP pump has produced fresh water for a decade without any maintenance
    Danfoss APP pump has produced fresh water for a decade without any maintenance

    Low maintenance costs alongside very low energy costs have resulted in extremely competitive total costs of ownership for the entire RO plant

  • Danfoss Pumps are Selected for the Royal Navy's Aircraft Carriers Danfoss
    Danfoss pumps are selected for the Royal Navy's aircraft carriers

    Salt Separation Services selects the compact and highly reliable Danfoss pump for the Royal Navy's aircraft carriers.

  • Danfoss pumps reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions on Hawaii | Danfoss
    Danfoss pumps reduce energy costs and CO₂ emissions in Hawaii

    38% reduction in the energy costs and an outstanding reduction of carbon emissions are benefits perceived by an Hawaiian golf course community using Danfoss APP pumps in their irrigation system.

  • Island with no electricity Danfoss
    APP pump supplies fresh water to remote island with no electricity

    Running a SWRO plant in a remote Island with no electricity, no infrastructure and not permanent residents demands solid equipment. Learn how APP pumps solved this.