Net Zero Buildings Webinar

Date: 1 February, 2023

Take a look at our on-demand webinar on Net Zero Buildings.  We will explore how we get to Net Zero Buildings, and the role of smart technology in this transition.  We take an in-depth look at the following areas: 

  • Energy Efficient Buildings - Future Proofing Commercial Buildings (30 mins) - Looking at how Danfoss Digital Hydronics and NovoCon can enable commercial buildings to be energy efficient and fit for the future.
  • How Leanheat can help reduce energy related costs and CO2 emissions (30 mins) - We demonstrate how our software solution Leanheat uses IoT to optmise the energy efficiency of buildings using a variety of measures.  
  • Unlocking energy efficiency potential in residential buildings
  • Exploring retrofitting in a Q&A session


Rob Williams
Business Development Manager - Buildings

Soulla Paphitis
National Sales Manager District Energy UK & IE

Mike Jones
Key Account Manager

Alex Coupe
Business Development Manager

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