Roles and responsibilities

    • The Danfoss Board of Directors and Group Executive Team have the overall responsibility and define the framework for the company’s efforts regarding sustainability. 
    • The Danfoss Group’s sustainability function is responsible for defining and implementing Danfoss’ global sustainability program. This includes preparation of guidelines and instructions and coordination of activities across the Group.  
    • All people managers are responsible for ensuring that their areas are aware of, and comply with, Danfoss’ rules and guidelines. In addition, all factory managers are responsible for environmental and occupational health and safety activities at individual sites.
    • All employees are responsible for ensuring that they are aware of, and comply with, Danfoss’ rules and guidelines. Furthermore, all employees have a duty to report any breaches of Danfoss’ rules and guidelines, which they become aware of or have reason to suspect.
    • The Danfoss Group’s risk management and compliance function are responsible for following up on compliance with guidelines and compliance programs. The function is also responsible for the Danfoss whistleblower function called the Danfoss Ethics Hotline.
    • The Danfoss Ethics Committee ensures the highest ethical standards by making sure that Danfoss’ ethical guidelines are met. Danfoss’ internal audit function performs unannounced inspections to ensure compliance with both the ethical guidelines and with legislation in special areas such as anti-corruption.


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