Danfoss Negative List

  • The global Danfoss Negative List is the cornerstone of the Group’s efforts to reduce the use of harmful substances in processes, and to ensure that unwanted substances are used neither in production nor in the products. The Negative List has been implemented in all Danfoss business divisions and is regularly updated to include new legislation or changed requirements. Danfoss ensures that electronic updates are available to suppliers through a subscription service.

    If new substances are added to the Negative List, all suppliers and subcontractors must ensure that the new substance is removed from products delivered to Danfoss within a time period not exceeding one year. 

    If you are a supplier to Danfoss please do the following:

    • Subscribe to the updates of the Negative List by using the Supplier registration on the right on this page
    • Proactively inform Danfoss about the use of any new substances on the Negative List (including Candidate list substances) via the following mailbox: Negativelist@danfoss.com

    As part of our efforts to limit the use of harmful chemicals, Danfoss complies with the requirements set out in the European Union's chemical regulation REACH, and ensures that customers and suppliers are accurately informed about the chemicals in our products.




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