Ethics at Danfoss

  • In 2008, Danfoss launched the Ethics Handbook, a set of guidelines for ethical behavior aimed at all Danfoss employees. The handbook applies to all employees and companies in the Danfoss Group, including the 1,600 new colleagues joining Danfoss in 2015 following the acquisition of Vacon Plc.

    In addition to the Ethics Handbook, there are two compliance hotlines available for Danfoss employees. AskUs is a hotline where employees can seek guidance on how best to follow ethical guidelines or compliance requirements in a specific situation. In 2015, AskUs received 85 enquires.

    Danfoss also has a whistle-blower function, the Ethics Hotline. Here employees can report suspected breaches of internal guidelines and legislation anonymously and without involving a manager. In 2015, the hotline received 93 cases versus 123 cases in 2014.

    With all substantiated cases to AskUs and the Ethics Hotline, disciplinary action has been taken, none of which have had significant consequences for Danfoss.
    A total of 31 employees left Danfoss in 2015 due to unethical behavior. The figure includes both dismissals and voluntary resignations connected with ethical issues.


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