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Danfoss Logo

Danfoss KoolApp™

Danfoss offers an app library of several practical tools for the refrigeration professional on the go both for iPhones and Androids.

The KoolApp™ Library will continue to expand in the future so please keep yourself updated by coming back to this site!
KoolApp - Refrigerant Slider

KoolApp™ Refrigerant Slider

The Danfoss KoolApp™ Refrigerant Slider turns your smartphone into a user-friendly, quick pressure-to-temperature refrigerant converter.

In the current version there are 76 different refrigerants including both “natural” and “traditional” refrigerants.
KoolApp - CoolGame

KoolApp™ CoolGame

Test your refrigeration know-how compared to colleagues around the world. Establish your own league against you colleagues or classmates or play against the world!

The gaming concept is that you build a specific refrigeration circuit as fast as possible by placing the components in the correct place in the system.
Fitters Notes

KoolApp™ Fitters App

Are you experiencing trouble in shooting the problems down? This handy pocket-guide in trouble shooting is intended for helping you to, on-site; identify the problems that caused the refrigeration plant to malfunction.

Identify the problematic area; is it the low-pressure or high-pressure part which is causing trouble? You then get a list of symptoms and for each symptom you, in turn, get a list of possible solutions!

Get it now before your colleague and be steps ahead of him!

KoolApp™ Compass

The tool provides a quick and easy way to search the most comprehensive compressor comparison database available on the market. You can search for any compressor regardless of its brand just by typing in a few letters from the product label. Compass will then give you the best matched Danfoss alternative.
KoolApp - KoolCode

KoolApp™ - KoolCode

Save time and increase productivity with the Danfoss KoolCode App for ”on the spot” ADAP-KOOL® controller information.

Download this App to get a simple off-line tool to easily look up alarm, error, status, and parameter codes without bringing along the printed manual or laptop.

KoolApp™ Danfoss IR App

It is a “One Platform app” for you, who is working with Industrial Refrigeration.
In the Danfoss IR App we will collect apps/tools that we hope will make your work with industrial refrigeration products from Danfoss easier.  

All you have to do is download the Danfoss IR app, and you will always be updated on the apps developed for Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration

Coolselector®: The Coolest Selection

As the world gets more complicated we all need support to make the right choices. Danfoss helps you to make the right selections! Coolselector helps you to calculate the performance of the components under your conditions, not just according to the standards.