Next Generation iSave 21 Plus

-More Robust, New Flexibility

iSave 21 Plus Danfoss launches a new generation of the popular iSave 21 ERD for smaller SWRO plants. Improved reliability, design flexibility and high efficiency are some of the features of the new iSave 21 Plus.

- Wednesday, 04 October 2017 By Danfoss High Pressure Pumps

In response to the ever growing demand for energy savings in smaller SWRO plants, Danfoss has developed the next generation iSave 21 energy recovery device for onshore and offshore applications. The highly efficient iSave 21 Plus saves up to 60 percent on the energy bill and is easily built into existing SWRO solutions to obtain the savings right away.

The new iSave 21 Plus ERD with integrated pressure exchanger, booster pump and motor in one compact unit ensures optimum efficiency and short payback time of plants ranging in size from 110 to 350 m3.

"We are proud to introduce the new iSave 21 Plus in response to the growing demand for energy efficient SWRO. The pressure boost of the iSave 21 has been increased from 3 to 5 bar in the new version to ensure high reliability. Furthermore, the new iSave 21 Plus is highly efficient and runs with long service intervals", says Jesper Bentzen, Sales Director.

The small footprint of iSave 21 Plus makes it ideal for applications where space is limited. The new design of iSave 21 Plus allows both vertical and horizontal installation.

CAPEX and OPEX savings with iSave 21 Plus

iSave 21 Plus captures hydraulic energy from the high pressure reject stream of the SWRO process and transfers the energy back into the system, reducing the energy consumption by up to 60 percent regardless of flow rate and size of the system.

Besides the substantial savings during operation, iSave 21 Plus cuts CAPEX by reducing the required pump size and the number of pipes and components.

Facts about iSave 21 Plus

  • iSave 21 Plus is a powerful choice for smaller SWRO plants with a water capacity of 110 to 350 m3 per day. 
  • iSave 21 Plus is designed for high reliability, low maintenance and reduced lifecycle costs
  • Max. outlet pressure: 83 barg/1,203 psig
  • Max. differential pressure: 5 barg/72 psig
  • Flow range: 6-22 m3/h; 26-97 gpm
  • Speed: 500-1,500 rpm

About Danfoss SWRO solutions

The scarcity of fresh water resources is critical in many regions and calls for innovative and sustainable solutions. Danfoss is among the front-runners in desalination technology and offers some of the most energy efficient high-pressure solutions that can help meet the increasing demand for fresh water supplies without compromising the environment.


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