Danfoss Cooling Unveil the New Formula for Efficiency

ICFD 20-6-7 On September 6th, we called professionals all over the world with a bold message: "We have engineered the new Formula for Efficiency that will help professionals improve industrial defrosting performance". And now, we are excited to unveil the Formula for Efficiency.

- Tuesday, 26 September 2017 By Danfoss Cooling

The Formula for Efficiency in industrial refrigeration is composed by only two parts - two parts that separately perform impressive results and in combination make up superior efficiency. It is a formula that unites the well-known benefits of the Danfoss ICF Valve Station with the most efficient defrosting method known – the liquid drain method - into one state-of-the-art efficient industrial defrosting solution.

Welcome the new Danfoss ICFD Defrost Module

The new Danfoss ICFD Defrost Module is the result of our Formula for Efficiency. It is a liquid based drain module packaged into our widely acknowledged ICF Valve Station. By packaging a liquid based drain module into our widely acknowledged ICF Valve Station, the solution makes it possible for professionals to equip an evaporator with ICF Valve Stations across wet suction, liquid, hot gas, and defrost drain lines.

The new ICF Defrost Module is engineered to cool down your challenges and contribute to provide optimum efficiency in industrial refrigeration. Like a chain of positive events, the improved efficiency triggers several advantages. To highlight a few, the ICF Defrost Module:

  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Reduces compressor loading
  • Releases compressor capacity
  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Increased installation efficiency
  • Improved defrost performance

To explore how the ICF Defrost Module - or the Formula for Efficiency as we got used to calling it - can improve your business, please visit ICFdefrost.danfoss.com.


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