Additional Code Numbers Now Available in Coolselector®2

CoolselectorIcon_738x415 After you download the free Coolselector®2 software to your PC, and start calculating on your favorite product, refrigeration line or application, you will find that the software now includes a multitude of code numbers.

- Wednesday, 20 December 2017 By Danfoss

Throughout the year, Danfoss has strived to improve Coolselector®2 to meet the increasing calculation and product selection needs of all refrigeration professionals worldwide. Improvements included the ability to calculate on applications such as cold rooms and industrial evaporator valve stations as well as the addition of many new products, e.g. stainless steel products for industrial refrigeration, OPTYMA™ Trio condensing units, and multiple new compressors. Finally, we introduced code numbers for thermostatic expansion valves.

The positive response we received to the inclusion of code numbers prompted us to take the feature even further, and we are excited to announce that an expanded amount of code numbers are now available in Coolselector®2. A new version of the software containing the additional code numbers is available today for free via download from the Danfoss website.

After you download Coolselector®2 to your PC and begin calculations on your favorite product, refrigeration line, or application, you will find that the software now includes a multitude of code numbers for standard non-parts program Danfoss products for commercial and industrial refrigeration. Code numbers for condensing units and compressors are already included.

With this improvement in Coolselector®2, we are thrilled to have taken an important step in ensuring that Coolselector®2 fulfills the product calculation and selection needs for all refrigeration professionals.

We plan to continue improving the software throughout 2018 (and beyond) with more code numbers, new features, new application calculations, and much more. Stay tuned!


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