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Article_city_1 Take a step into Danfoss City and discover how engineering touches your life. You can travel the city on four main themes – Food Life, Work Life, Travel Life and Urban Life. Now you can see exactly how engineering is involved into every day and the world surrounding us.

- Wednesday, 27 September 2017 By DANFOSS HEATING

Engineering is all around us. It is in the office you are working at, the shopping center you get your groceries from and at home you come back to everyday. Danfoss City helps you understand how engineering enters everyday life and explains engineering solutions. 

When moving around the city, you can see many diverse areas that Danfoss covers with its products and solutions. One of these areas is dedicated to safe and comfortable heating systems.   

No matter if indoor or outdoor, Danfoss provides different types of heating solutions. Danfoss City offers a great opportunity to give you a better overview of how Danfoss integrates its heating systems in all types of buildings, such as offices, family houses, apartments and airports, just to name a few. 

Setting the right temperature is crucial for ensuring the comfortable environment and is also affecting the overall well-being. Beside that heating systems are also an important challenge of the future and Danfoss is providing advanced and environmentally friendly engineering solutions.

Balanced and controlled heating systems serve users' needs and are made in accordance with modern heating requirements. 

One of the most important aspects of heating is energy saving and reduced energy consumption. Considering all these key features, Danfoss offers a wide range of products and solutions that find their way into our homes, offices, apartment buildings and elsewhere. 



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