Talents get the chance to create new business ideas

Danfoss talents working on new business ideas Right now, four young Danfoss talents are working hard on new business models and solutions for supermarkets. They work at our incubation hub in Berlin, where employees spend three months refining and testing new business ideas and models that can generate growth and support our digital transformation journey. All are part of the Danfoss Postgraduate Program.

- Wednesday, 14 June 2017 By Danfoss

The team members knew each other before they formed the team in Berlin, since they began their postgraduate program in Danfoss two years ago. They say the working methods at the Berlin incubation hub has been an eye-opener. One proof is that the accelerated idea that the team is working on now has changed since they entered into the completion phase.

“Here, they have a very different way of approaching ideas and one of the key take-aways I got is to involve customers very early. We need feedback to get it right. We develop all the time. And in this start-up environment there is always someone to ask or someone who knows a go-to person,” says Thoroddur Bjornsson, postgraduate with a background in R&D in Heating.

Their idea is about building new business models and solutions for supermarkets; enabling new revenue streams for Danfoss.
“Right now, we have a concept that we present to supermarket chains in Germany and Denmark to see if this is something they will invest in. We need their feedback in order to find the right path to a profitable business,” says Niels Albert van Dulmen, postgraduate with a background in R&D in Danfoss Drives.

The four Postgraduates will finish their two-year program in Danfoss this summer, and the goal is to have a proof concept that they can further develop after their stay in Berlin.



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