Autists take on special tasks in Drives

Autists take on special tasks in Drives Work which require that you focus on the same thing for hours - some find it boring and lose concentration. Danfoss Drives in Gråsten, Denmark, now hires employees who love it.

- Monday, 23 October 2017 By Danfoss A/S

A very specific task requiring self-discipline and high concentration.

This is how Director, Production Technique, Niels Kamstrup, describes the skills needed to operate the machine, which handles quality checks of print cards at Danfoss Drives in Gråsten, Denmark. And that’s why he has reserved exactly this task for one of the four employees with autism, who the factory plans to hire this fall.

Autists can be exceptionally good at work requiring intense attention to detail. Often, they also spot irregularities very fast – in technical manuals, IT systems, or the way a machine operates. But, they need special conditions to thrive - one of them being a quiet work environment.

So, Niels and his co-leaders, who will lead one of the four new employees, have been trained in how to interact with autistic colleagues.

“I feel really well prepared for welcoming the new employee in our department. We aim to have a colleague who perform well and will enjoy being here,” says Niels Kamstrup.

The Gråsten factory cooperates with the Danish external consultancy Specialisterne (The Specialists) in the hiring process. Specialisterne helps people with autism in the education system and on the job market. Their goal is to help provide jobs for 1,000 people in Denmark by 2025.

Gråsten cooperates with the consultancy because Danfoss, as a socially responsible company, wants to help people who face special challenges gaining a foothold on the job market.


Autism is an innate, psychological development disorder found in around 1 percent of the world’s population. The severity of autism varies from person to person. A common feature is the ability to delve into details and stay focused for a very long time.


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