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Corporate governance

  • Corporate governance is a crucial aspect of the way Danfoss runs its business. Key concepts like responsibility, integrity and openness about the Group's activities form the basis for the high standards of corporate governance to which the Danfoss Group holds itself.

    Statutory account
    Danfoss has chosen to publish its statutory company management. Refer to the Danish Financial Statements Act Section 107b, on its homepage.
    Read the statutory account: See links below

    Remuneration of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee
    The Board members are paid an annual remuneration, which is fixed at the Annual General Meeting. In addition to this, some of the board members can receive remuneration for special duties; for example as chairman of Board committees. Remuneration paid is equivalent to levels received in similar-sized Danish companies. Remunerations are reviewed on an annual basis.

    The members of the Executive Committee have individual remuneration packages, which are reviewed annually in line with market practice for equally sized companies both nationally and internationally and approved by the Chairman. The Executive Committee is remunerated with a package consisting of three main elements: a gross annual salary, a Short-Term Incentive scheme and a Long-Term Incentive scheme. Pension is included in the annual basic salary.


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