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  • Why is there a necessity for a fourth pole?
  • Do Danfoss products comply with RoHS directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)?
  • Where can I find approvals and certificates for Danfoss products? E.g. do you have a PED certificate for KP7W?
  • How can I connect a CTI circuit breaker with a CI contactor?
  • I'm looking for a Danfoss code number and I have not found it in any catalogues?
  • Could I send you a Danfoss part for repair?
  • What about the fact that the uncontrolled phase always is “live” on the motor terminal box?
  • Can you deliver your products worldwide?
  • Do you have a complete catalogue showing all your products?
  • Can you deliver products exclusively made for us?
  • Which distribution channels does Danfoss use?
  • Can I review your stock online?
  • Where can I find technical drawings of Danfoss products?
  • Where do I direct commercial or technical questions?
  • Do you have local stock?
  • Where can we find your data sheets?
  • Do you have local websites in my language?
  • Is it possible to place orders online?
  • Does Danfoss operate globally?
  • Is Danfoss a German company?
  • What is the maximum current the CTI can interrupt?
  • What is difference between Icu and Ics marked on circuit breakers?
  • Are CTI 15 equal to CTI 25 in regard to electrical parameters?
  • Can the CTI 15 circuit breaker operate at ambient temperature over 60 °C?
  • Where can I find some technical information about your products?
  • Does a thermal overload relay provide full protection of the motor?
  • Can a BBT 25 be used instead of CTT 25?
  • Can you recommend a replacement for a CTI 25 circuit breaker?
  • Can you send me literature, brochures or catalogues on your products?
  • I placed an order through e-commerce. Could you please check the delivery dates and inform me the earliest possible delivery?