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Software Downloads

The quality of a frequency converter today is determined largely by the quality of the software that supports its configuration and management. Select the tool of your choice.
MCT10 Downloads & Updates

MCT 10

Download the MCT 10 Motion Control Tool PC software to connect to your VLT Frequency converter or Softstarter. 

MCT 10 Drive Updates for the VLT AutomationDrive, VLT HVAC Drive, VLT AQUA Drive and VLT Micro Drive are available too. 


Here you can download the PC software tool used for calculating Harmonic Distortion. 

VLT® Energy Box Software 

Free software to calculate the energy consumption of HVAC applications controlled by VLT frequency drives and compare this with alternative - and less energy efficient - methods of flow control.
Fieldbus Setup Files

Fieldbus Setup Files

Download fieldbus set-up files for VLT frequency converters and soft starters.

The set-up files are organized under each fieldbus technology.
Adam 4561 USB RS485 converter Danfoss VLT Drives

ADAM-4561 USB to RS485 Converter

The ADAM-4561 allows PC users to connect a serial device to systems that use a USB interface - like our VLT® frequency converters.

Motor Sizer

PC software tool used for generic motor sizing in different industrial applications
MUSEC software Danfoss VLT Drives

Multiple Units Staging Efficiency Calculator (MUSEC)

Obtain the optimum operating efficiency by calculating the values at which the pumps are staged ON and OFF
Danfoss WinStart Software

WinStart Software

The free WinStart Soft Starter Selection Software helps you to select the right VLT soft starter for your application.

Right-click on the link below to download the WinStart software version 4.3.1 (zip-file)
Danfoss VLT Drives SISTEMA


The SISTEMA software utility provides developers and testers of safety-related machine controls with comprehensive support in the evaluation of safety in the context of ISO 13849-1.

SISTEMA libraries and examples are available for the VLT2800 and FC300 subsystems.