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Technical Literature

Our technical literature covers most technical aspects of all our products - features, dimensions and performance.

To search for technical literature within our business areas please use the links below.
Technical literature:  compressors, condensing Units, Appliance Controls, thermostatic expansion valves, solenoid valves, pressure and temperature regulators, thermostats and pressure controls, water valves, filter driers and sight glasses, stop and regulating valves, safety valves, line components, liquid level controls, electronic controls, electronically Operated Valves, sensors and transmitters for electronic controls, accessories and spare parts for controls

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

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Technical literature: radiator thermostats, room thermostats, floor heating hydronics, floor heating electrical, climate controls, substations, weather compensators & pi controllers, motorized control valves, ball valves, fressure/flow controllers, temperature controllers, heat exchangers, balancing valves, burner components, heat meters, solenoid Valves, pressure & temperature switches, heat pumps


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Technical literature:  frequency converters, decentral products, soft starters

VLT® Drives

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Technical literature: solenoid valves, externally operated valves, thermostatically operated valves, vacuum valves, coils for valves, single pressure switches, dual pressure switches, differential pressure switches, pressure transmitters, temperature switches, temperature sensors, contactors and motor starters, electronic soft starters, accessories and spare part

Industrial Automation

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Passion and responsibility

Based on our core values, Danfoss’ vision is to be a global market leader within our core businesses: Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Heating & Water and Motion Controls.

We aim to meet the expectations of our stakeholders by being a highly respected company, improving quality of life by mastering advanced technologies in customer applications, while focusing on environmental and social responsibility.