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Electronic Controls

Standalone electronic temperature controls for household and commercial refrigerators and freezers, for management of energy consuming functions. Depe...
>Electronic Refrigeration Temperature Controls
Compressor and condensers capacity controls are used from compact systems with just two hermetic compressors up to large power-packs with multiple sem...
>Electronic Controls: Compressor and Condenser Controls
Variable speed control of compressors and condenser fan optimizes performance in the refrigeration system, stabilises condensing pressure and reduces...
>Electronic Controls: Speed control of Compressors, Condensers and Fans
Thermostatic expansion valves used in traditional refrigeration systems and refrigeration appliances give some possibility of energy savings where inj...
>Electronic Controls: Evaporator Controls with Thermostatic Expansion Valves
ADAP-KOOL® evaporator controls enable optimal functionality of refrigeration system, and, at the same time, save energy and keep food quality in displ...
>Electronic Controls: Evaporator Controls with Electronically Operated Expansion Valves
One electronic controller with maximum flexibility makes engineering and development easier than ever. The new, open standards compliant MCX controlle...
>Electronic Controls: Programmable Controls
Units and programs for monitoring of temperature and pressure in refrigeration appliances, cold storage rooms and refrigeration plant, including gatew...
>Electronic Controls: System Management
Dedicated accessories for the EKC / AK series, e.g. displays, LON cards / real time clocks, thermometers, and extension modules.
>Electronic Controls: Accessory Modules