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Thermostatic valves

AVTA thermostatic valves are widely used for temperature control in many different sorts of equipment and installations where cooling is required.
>AVTA, Thermostatic valves with temperature sensitive sensor
FJVA is a self-acting, thermostatic valve for use in cooling applications. The valve is commonly used in connection with hydraulic stations, and is of...
>FJVA, Thermostatic valves without sensor
Cooling water valves of type WVTS are suitable for controlling the temperature of a flow of water or neutral brine.WVTS opens on rising sensor tempera...
>WVTS, Thermostatic valves with temperature sensitive sensor
The BVTS valve is designed for protection of bio-mass boilers, stoves and solar systems. The valve has two functions:Overheat protection: If the water...
>BVTS, Thermostatic bio-mass valve