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Radiator Valves

Danfoss Dynamic Valve is an innovative radiator valve with a 2-in-1 valve design. It combines a thermostatic radiator valve and a differential pressur...
>Dynamic Valve
Danfoss radiator valves with pre-setting are used in two-pipe water based heating systems to ensure optimum distribution of the water in a heating sys...
>Pre-Setting Valves
Danfoss provides a comprehensive range of radiator valves with fixed capacity. RA-FN normal flow valves are used in two-pipe heating systems. Version...
>Fixed Capacity Valves
Modern radiators are often manufactured with integrated valves (also called built-in valves), which are built into the radiator at the time of manufac...
>Integrated Valves
RA 15/6T and 15/6 TB (normal flow) are special lance valves with flow and return in one radiator connection. Lance valves are suitable for towel dryer...
>Lance Valves
Manifold assemblies (normal flow, with or without pre-setting) are universal pipe connectors and regulating valves for radiators. An assembly comprise...
>Manifold Assemblies
H - piece with integrated valve at the inlet side and shut-off / drain device at the outlet. The thermostatic valve has an integrated pre-setting fac...
>VHS valves
The valve features a pre-setting facility and is based on the accurate and reliable Danfoss quality. The main applications for theese series of valve...
>Radiator Valves for Design Radiators
The FJVR valve (normal flow) is used exclusively in conjunction with the FJVR return temperature limiter sensor. The FJVR valve is mounted in the outl...
>Return Temperature Limiter FJVR Valve bodies