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RT, Temperature switches

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  • How I can characterize adsorption charge in the sensor of the temperature switch?
  • After installing the switch and making the setting based on scale values, the real system pressure value and scale value seem not to correspond. What is the reason?
  • I am looking for the on/off switch with the highest possible IP protection, what options do I have?
  • What is the time constant in relation to temperature switches?
  • How does the manual reset work in relation to on/off switches?
  • What does it mean that an RT switch has an IP66 grade?
  • What does SPDT stands for?
  • What is the most common contact system type used in Danfoss switches?
  • What would be the best pressure switch choice for applications requiring high repeatability, accuracy and adjustable differential?
  • When is it recommended to use a gold-plated contact system?
  • How can I improve the heat transfer if I use a sensor pocket with a temperature switch?
  • What is the maximum/minimum pressure/temperature at which Danfoss switches can be set?
  • What is the DIN numbering of terminals?
  • How can I characterize vapour charge in the sensor of the temperature switch?
  • Can you explain the function and shape of the RT 102 thermostat's sensor?
  • Where I can find technical information regarding on/off switches?
  • Do I need an external power supply for RT switches?
  • Can I buy the sensor of a RT temperature switch as a spare part?
  • Is there any way to tell if charge is lost in a temperature switch?
  • Which temperature switch should I use to control the area temperature in an engine room?
  • Is it possible to recognize if a RT has "double" bellows installed, from just looking at it from outside?
  • Do Danfoss temperature switches come with sensor pocket included?
  • How do I maximize response time of a temperature switch?
  • What do I do if I need very quick reaction to changing temperature?
  • What is the response time of Danfoss temperature switches?
  • Is it possible to buy just the contacts for the RT switches?
  • Where do I find production date on pressure or temperature switches?
  • Which switches should I use for seawater - or other media with particles or depositions?