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Capacity: 80 - 170 W (LBP -25/55°C). Capacity: 450 - 780 W (HBP +5/55°C). (Test conditions: EN 12900/CECOMAF).



Type FR11G
Weight 10.5 Kg
Application energy level Universal C.
Approval EN 60335-2-34
Bolt joint for one compressor, 16 mm 118-1917
Bolt joint in quantities, 16 mm 118-1918
CE marking CE
Cord relief 103N1010
Cover, electrical components 103N2010
Cut in current HST [A] 10,9 A
Cut in current LST [A] 15,0 A
Discharge connector material description Cu-plated steel
Displacement [cm3] 11,15 cm3
Locked Rotor Amps HST [A] 10,9 A
Locked Rotor Amps LST [A] 10,5 A
Max. short term wind. temp. [°C] 135 °C
Max stationary wind. temp. [°C] 125 °C
Motor type RSIR
Motor type 2 CSIR
Number of phases 1
Oil quantity [cm3] 450 cm3
Oil type POE
Pack format Industrial pack
Process connector, material description Cu-plated steel
Protection screen for PTC 103N0476
PTC RSIR 4.8 mm 103N0018
PTC RSIR 6.3 mm 103N0011
Quantity per pack format 80 PC
Primary refrigerant R134a
Max. refrigerant charge 0,90 kg
Resistance, auxiliary winding [Ohm] 11,90 Ohm
Resistance, main winding [Ohm] 7,10 Ohm
Start Capacitor 117U5015
Start Capacitor capacitatance [uF] 80 uF
Starting relay HST 117U6010
Suction connector, material description Cu-plated steel
Type designation FR11G
Voltage 50Hz nominal [V] 220-240 V
Weight of compressor [kg] 10,60 kg