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General information

11655 Crossroads  Circle
Baltimore, MD 21220

WWW-Address: www.northamerica.danfoss.com
E-mail Address: baltimore@danfoss.com
Telephone:   +1 410-931-8250
Fax:   +1 410-931-8256

Danfoss Executive Management Team
Niels Bjørn Christiansen, President & CEO
Jesper V. Christensen, CFO
Kim Fausing, COO

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About Us

With our Aspiration, Promise and Behaviour as our foundation, Danfoss lives up to the expectations of being a responsible world citizen.
This is deeply rooted in our history and culture and it is be reflected in the way we carry out our daily business.

Danfoss' relationship with all stakeholders shall be characterized by trust. Trust that we earn through our actions and corporate reputation.