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Heating CablesPower connection kit, cable to power lead5703466145098one end seal0.2
Heating CablesSplice/Tee Kit, includes one end seal5703466145104-1.4
Heating CablesGX Repair Kit5703466118566crimp connectors, repair wire, heat shrink tubes0.5
Heating CablesLX repair kit5703466145142crimp connectors, repair wire, heat shrink, tubes0.1
Heating CablesPower Connection Kit, cable to box5703466152713one end seal0.2
Heating CablesLittle Buzzer (continuity alarm)5703466161463batteries0.5
Heating CablesWarning labels, 10pcs5703466130230-0.0
Heating CablesCable Strapping (15 ft/4.5 m)5703466145173-0.7
Heating CablesDownspout Edge Protection Plate, 1/bag5703466175279-0.2
Heating CablesReplacement floor sensor for LX thermostat5703466142608-0.2
Heating CablesCDP-2 remote control & display for snow sensors5703466180884-1.0
Heating CablesCS-1 remote control/monitor pigtail for CDP-25703466180891-0.3
Heating CablesGround sensors57034661452032 per package (50ft. lead wire)9.7
Heating CablesNameplate (per NEC 426-13)5703466148846-1.0
Heating CablesLX Power Module with GFCI5703466199329-1.0