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Through our RSS news feed you can automatically receive the latest news about Danfoss. Integrate it directly into your Google start page or copy it into an RSS news feed reader.

Select the "Add to Google" icon to add our RSS news feed into your Google start page or select the orange RSS icon to copy our XML RSS news feed to your RSS news feed reader.

  • Danfoss North America News
    Stay updated with the latest news from Danfoss North America.

  • Danfoss Refrigeration News
    Danfoss operates globally as a leading supplier of compressors and automated solutions to the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

  • Danfoss VLT Drives News
    Danfoss Drives is developing VLT® electronics to control speed, torque, acceleration, synchronisation, positioning, and the overall performance of AC motors.

  • Danfoss Industrial Automation News
    Through Danfoss Industrial Automation, you gain access to the entire Danfoss pool of technology, with a special focus on monitoring or control of pressure and temperature, and fluid control.

What is RSS?

RSS is a platform-independent news format that helps you to stay informed about all news from the Danfoss website. RSS is a simple alternative to directly accessing this information through our News area.

Technically, RSS is a simple, quick XML news stream that is published by content providers, and contains only basic information, such as the headline, short text and a related URL to the full news article. This simplicity enables quick reading and easy embedding into other media sources.

What is special about RSS?

You will receive current news about information and changes from the Web sites you track in your reader as they are published. It is similar to a newsletter, except RSS is even quicker and more direct as it does not involve email.

Why RSS?

Those who have to keep track of large volumes of information spread over many Web sites benefit from using RSS. But even if you just want to know about changes to a specific Web site, RSS can help keep you informed without the need to visit the site and check by yourself. With RSS you get direct access to your favorite topics without detours.

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Communication is based on an open and honest dialogue with all stakeholders, which will further their understanding of the Danfoss Group.