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Danfoss North America Locations

Danfoss has built a reputation for outstanding customer service. Our global sales and service organization in North America makes it possible to deliver world-class support on a local level. We are a valued partner for each and
every customer, providing them with components and system solutions to boost productivity, efficiency, energy savings, and profitability.

We build value for our customers

Danfoss partners with customers to help build value in their organizations. Our production facilities in North America are located close to the markets they serve. This assures on-time delivery and the highest levels of support and service.

Our production facilities are tooled with the latest technology and implement the most advanced manufacturing techniques and computer-aided technology. Our customers benefit from the innovation, efficiency, and expertise Danfoss delivers.

Danfoss exceeds the highest standards in manufacturing quality, and was one of the first in its industry to achieve ISO 9000 and ISO 14001 certification.

Danfoss is also a leader in caring for our global environment. Every Danfoss factory around the world operates under an ISO 14001 certified environmental management system, assuring that negative environmental impacts are held to a minimum and eliminated wherever possible, while production efficiency and economy are increased.