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Danfoss Scroll Compressors for Residential and Light Commercial Applications

Danfoss Scroll Compressors - Fast, easy installation with fewer call-backs.

Designed for excellence in performance, silence and endurance, Danfoss Scroll Compressors are the quietest, most reliable and longest-lasting compressors available today. There is a full capacity range from 2 to 10 tons ensuring the perfect fit for your business.
The range of Danfoss Scroll Compressors for Residential and Light commercial applications include R410A, R407C, and R22 models and offer the most reliable and long-lasting compressor in the HVAC&R industry thanks to advanced technology and high product quality.

Optimized for easy assembly and service

Easy to install
  • Lightweight compact construction has the same foot print and equivalent connection position as competitor models
Less Likely to Break down
  • No threaded fasteners - 90% of the internal bolts have been eliminated in favor of press fit couplings
  • Half the hermetic welds and one-third fewer parts than competitor models
Proven competitive advantages
  • Proven competitive life tests under extreme operating conditions ensure our compressors satisfy even the most stringent requirements of the demanding HVAC&R applications.
  • Excellent reliability and a long service life can be expected making life easier for the installer.
  • Patented hot oil over protector (HOOP), which allows a much faster reaction of the internal motor protector ensuring a very low failure rate due to motor burn-out and/or high thermal working conditions.

Energy saving, efficiency and silence
A very simple and innovative disk check valve placed in the compressor fixed scroll, a highly optimized motor and an adaptive control system enable Danfoss Scroll compressors to be the quietest, most efficient energy saving solution in the market by reducing pressure drop and avoiding reverse rotation noise at shut-down.