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Retail CareTM

Industries we serve:
Convenience Stores
Fruit ripening
Cold storage

Danfoss knows that competition among retailers is fierce. We know that margins are small, and that focus on expenses is constant. And we know that your customers have high expectations for product integrity. RETAIL-CARE, the solution Danfoss offers food retail enterprises, is an innovative and sophisticated suite of proactive management tools and options that strengthen your bottom line by lowering operation and maintenance costs for refrigeration, HVAC, lighting, and other store systems and equipment.

Data into Knowledge
Today’s control and monitoring systems offer you the ability to measure, store, and retrieve huge volumes of detailed data about your stores and their equipment. Handling all that data and actually putting it to use, however, is daunting. Danfoss RETAIL-CARE has tools and people that transform data into a clear, concise picture for expense reduction and ROI-based decision making.

Knowledge into Action
We understand your need to manage rising energy costs, tightening regulations, and increasing demands for quality, all the while assuring profitable operations in your
facilities. It is not enough to spot an exception in a report, nor is it enough to merely understand that a system or asset is under-performing. Danfoss RETAIL-CARE evaluates your situation and proposes a solution. If that means creating custom solutions, our team is there for you. Our people have the expertise to analyze the problem and help you to implement appropriate corrective actions. Danfoss RETAIL-CARE provides the know-how needed to improve your operation.

RETAIL-CARE provides you not only data, but intelligent analysis. Identify where systems are down. Identify when they are about to malfunction. Identify why you are spending too much money.

RETAIL-CARETM -- Suite of services

Alarm handling & technical support
Our Operations Center is staffed by highly trained operators 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We receive alarms from your control and monitoring systems and respond according to rules you specify. The web-based reports you select are available anytime, anywhere you have Internet access. Service levels are flexible and customizable.

Our Center can also escalate action by calling on technical support engineers who will provide telephone support to your service organization, helping troubleshoot problems and prioritize service calls to determine the most cost-and time-efficient remedies to problems.

Energy management
Potent tools, including Danfoss PowerFocus, are used to monitor and analyze energy usage in your facilities by pinpointing opportunities for improving system energy efficiency. With RETAIL-CARE’s energy and setpoint management reporting, you see exceptions to operating and performance standards you have set. Compare systems within a store and like systems throughout your enterprise. You might like to compare some of your stores: by district, region, type of equipment, or service organization. All these analyses are possible with RETAIL-CARE’s Internet-based energy management tools.

System optimization
Danfoss RETAIL-CARE field engineers visit stores and reset controls for optimum refrigeration, lighting, and HVAC energy efficiency. The recommissioning process reveals mechanical as well as control strategy problems; improves store conditions to eliminate energy waste; greatly reduces preventable service calls and repetitive alarms; and establishes performance baselines for energy benchmarking.

Project management
RETAIL-CARE provides project management for any energy, control, monitoring, or systems implementation project. We can perform any service you need, from project oversight to a full turnkey installation.

System installations
Danfoss will install the control system of your choice, from sensor upgrade to full turnkey installation. We’ll work with you to plan and install the system that meets your criteria.

Control startup
Call on Danfoss RETAIL-CARE for your control system start-up. Whether it’s writing custom databases, performing point-to-point checks, verifying operations, or adjusting control setpoints and algorithms, Danfoss has the expertise to assure a smooth opening day experience.

Design your own custom solutions
If the services in our portfolio do not exactly meet your needs, there’s one more service we offer: it’s whatever you want it to be. Tell us your particular needs. We’ll listen, and we welcome the opportunity to create custom solutions to exactly meet your requirements.