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Welcome to CoolGame II

Enjoy yourself for a while and test your Refrigeration Know-how compared to colleagues around the world.

The concept is: Build a specific refrigeration circuit as fast as possible by placing the components correctly!
You have got a limited time to build the circuit and the remaining time is converted to your score.

The faster you are the higher score!
Click-and-drag the components from the right ToolBox to the left field where you think the component should be placed. Be sure the component "snaps" to the place.

How to turn a component:
If you need to turn a component, hold down the "Alt" -key and click on the component
Danfoss - Your CO2 Solutions Provider

Danfoss - Your CO2 Solution Provider

CO2 has absolutely zero ozone depletion effect, and its global warming potential is negligible in the amounts used for industrial and commercial refrigeration.

Danfoss can provide a variety of products for cascade applications, as well as developing trans-critical solutions.