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Thermostatically Operated Valves

Thermostatic Valves

Danfoss Thermostatically Operated Valves are a simple and reliable control solution requiring neither electricity nor control air.

Our range of thermostatic valves includes a series of industrial products for both refrigeration and heating regulation.  These valves are available with remote or built-in sensor and with a variety of accessories.

AVTA Thermostatic Valve

Fit and Forget - AVTA Thermostatic Valve

Thermostatically operated valve, type AVTA, is most often used for automatic control of water temperature in cooling systems. 

  • Self acting – needs no electricity
  • Exact temperature control
  • Insensitive to dirt
  • Insensitive to pressures
  • From zero differential pressure
  • Good external tightness even at high differential pressures
  • Broad range of different body materials, connections and temperatures
  • Accessories and options
Boiler and Heating Thermostatic Valves

Thermostatic Valves in Boilers and Heating

Danfoss Industrial Automation provides world-class control solutions for a variety of boiler and heating application areas:

  • Boilers
  • Boiler room equipment
  • Biomass boilers
  • District heating

Danfoss Thermostatic Valves are a perfect fit for the boiler and heating markets; Danfoss also has a full line of pressure and temperature sensors and switches as well as solenoid valves to fit your needs.

Thermostatic Biomass Valve

Biomass Boilers - BVTS Thermostatic Valve

The Thermostatic Valve BVTS is designed for protection of boilers and fire stoves. It prevents overheating by discharging water from heat generator, condensing coil or heat exchanger.

The BVTS valve is used also to prevent backburning in the fuel store of biomass boilers by flooding the fuel in case of excessive temperature.

The BVTS biomass valve is self-acting, meaning it operates without supply of auxiliary energy such as electricity or compressed air.