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Temperature Sensors for air, marine, and windpower

Temperature Sensors for Air, Land, and Sea

The Danfoss range of temperature sensors and transmitters helps you make a difference to the bottom line by offering a reliable source of temperature control in industrial applications from compressed air to windpower.

  • High degree of protection against moisture
  • Measuring temperatures – 50° C to 800° C
  • Fixed or changeable measuring insert
  • Pt 100 / Pt 1000 resistance element, NTC / PTC and Thermocouples
  • Built-in transmitter available
  • Marine approved
Temperature sensors for Hydraulic, Compressed Air, and Windpower

Applications of Temperature Sensors

Inaccurate temperature  sensors can cause fatal consequences such as reducing the lifetime of your equipment if overheated by just a few degrees.

Danfoss temperature sensors and transmitters are designed for applications within:

Transportation: Off-road vehicles, Rail, Marine.

Machine & Equipments
: Compressor & Pumps, Metal Working Equipment, Hydraulic, Industrial engines.

Process & Energy
: Windpower, Gen-Sets.

HVAC/R: Refrigeration, Boilers

Temperature sensor transmitter technology

Temperature Sensor Technologies

The Danfoss range features three temperature sensing technologies:

  • RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector):  Pt 100 or Pt 1000; Our RTD sensors are based on a thin film element which ensures durability and fast response time.
  • NTC/PTC (Negative/Positive Temperature Characteristic): Customized output signal and price competitive elements mostly used in OEM business.
  • Thermocouples: Suited for very high temperatures and mechanically very stable.


Customized Temperature Sensors

Standard or Customized Solutions

Temperature is playing a vital role in many industrial processes and therefore an accurate measurement is a must.

Irrespective of your temperature application and technological requirements, Danfoss is capable of meeting your demands with a versatile range of standard temperature sensors as well as customized sensors designed according to your specifications.

\Compressed Air Controls

Controlling Compressed Air

Danfoss supplies its entire product controls line to the compressed air market.

From switches to motor control gear to thermostatically operated valves, Danfoss is a pioneer in creating pressure, temperature and fluid controls for the air industry.