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Pressure transmitters for Industrial Hydraulic and Marine

Pressure Transmitters

As the efficient management of hydraulic machines and marine systems become more dependent on integral electronic controls, there is an increasing demand for pressure sensors and transmitters.

Danfoss has decades of experience in pressure transmitters and has managed to follow the market needs both in relation to sensor technologies and functions, especially in the wind power industry.

Today the Danfoss pressure sensor program covers a broad selection of pressure transmitter types which all combine the state of the art technologies with intelligent choice of material. This secures that we are able to tailor our pressure controls range to almost any measuring task – at any budget.
Pressure transmitter applications

Applications of Pressure Transmitters

Danfoss pressure transmitters and transducers are designed to deliver efficiency and long life time of problem-free performance in a variety of applications in general industrial, marine, windpower, and hydraulic:

Off-road vehicles, Rail, Marine
Machine & Equipments:
Compressors & Pumps, Metal Working Equipment, Hydraulic, Industrial engines
Process & Energy:
Windpower, Gen-Sets
Refrigeration, Boilers
Thin film and Piezo-resistive pressure transmitters

Pressure Transmitters - Principles of Function

To be able to minimize cost and maximize performance needed in different applications you have on the Danfoss sensors the possibility to choose between different sensing technologies and electronic solutions.

The piezo-resistive silicon sensor, is the most suitable in applications with pressure peaks while the range of transmitters based on the thin film technology ensures exceptional accuracy, fast response time and long-term stability.

Both transmitter series are available with an integrated pulse-snubber in the transducer to prevent dangerous cavitations and liquid hammering at the diaphragm.
Standard or customized pressure transmitters

Flexible Range of Pressure Transmitters

Our unique state-of-the-art technology enables us to tailor make pressure transmitters and sensors to suit your specific applications. Among other things, you can specify the type of electrical connection, output signal, supply voltage or pressure connection.

  • High EMC performance without impact on accuracy
  • High level of vibration and shock stability
  • Long term stability
  • High level of over-pressure stability
  • High IP degree
  • Wide choice of pressure connections, electrical connections, pressure ranges, output signal
  • Hazardous approvals available
  • Available with marine approvals
Hydraulic Controls

Hydraulic Controls at Danfoss

The robust design and uncompromising reliability of Danfoss Hydraulic Pressure, Temperature,and Fluid Controls set Danfoss apart from all the rest.

Danfoss Sensors, Transmitters, Valves, and Switches are all designed for a long life and to meet the most stringent requirements.