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Features and User Benefits

200-240 V.....1-1/2 HP - 60 HP
380-480 V.....1-1/2 HP - 1350 HP
525-600 V.....1-1/2 HP - 125 HP
525-690 V.....1-1/2 HP - 1600 HP 

NEMA 1, NEMA 12, 3R and NEMA 4X

Energy Savings
- Energy savings of 50 to 70% are common when compared with constant flow systems
- When compared with other methods of flow control, savings to 40% typical

Harmonics Control
All VLT HVAC Drives have dual D-link reactors, which provide a reduction in input harmonics equal to a 5% A line reactor without the voltage drop and efficiency losses associated with AC line reactors

Auto tuning of the PI controllers
The drive monitors how the system reacts on corrections made by the drive - and learns from it, so that precise and stable operation is achieved quickly.
Automatic Energy Optimization
Standard feature that optimizes motor magnetization at all speeds and loads. Increases energy efficiency by 5–15% for partial loads.

Energy monitoring
The VLT® HVAC Drive provides a complete range of energy consumption information, which helps identify low-efficiency components in the HVAC system.

PM motor support - better efficiency
Support for any non-salient permanent magnet motor up to 30

Coated circuit boards
All standard PCBs conform with class 3C2 (IEC 60721-3-3). If used in especially harsh conditions, it is possible to order a special coating that complies with class 3C3.

Ruggedized for extra protection
Special treatment that ensures components remain firmly in place in environments characterized by high degrees of vibration, such as marine and mobile equipment.

Automated Resonance Monitoring
Avoid frequency bands at which connected fans create resonances in the ventilation system. This reduces installation time and system wear.

Features and User Benefits

USB Connectivity
The VLT HVAC Drive can be remote commissioned and monitored through a USB connection.

Fire Override Mode
Safety feature that ensures fire escapes remain free of smoke by preventing the drive from reacting to control signals, warnings, or alarms. Instead, it continues reliable operation for as long as possible and runs until it eventually fails.

Fan Belt Monitoring
From the relation between current and speed, the HVAC Drive is able to recognize a broken belt reliably.

End of Pump Curve
In the event of breaks or leakages, End of Curve triggers an alarm, shuts off the pump, or performs a user-defined action.

Dry Pump Protection
The HVAC Drive constantly evaluates the condition of the pump, based on internal frequency/power measurements.

Built-in cascade controller
Control up to three pumps with fixed lead pump.

Motor Alternation
This built-in logic controls alternation between two pumps in duty/stand-by applications. Motion of the stand-by pump prevents the pump from. An internal timer ensures equal usage of the pumps.

Flow compensation
Reduces the pressure set point according to the flow - which saves energy.

Initial/Final Ramp
Prevents damage on thrust and bearings by providing fast acceleration of pumps to minimum speed, from where the normal ramp takes over.

Options and Accessories

Options for bus communication, user programs, etc., are delivered ready for plug-and-play.

Display options
- Local Control Panel (LCP), graphical and numerical
- Cable for LCP, 3 m [9.8 ft]
- Remote-mounting kit for Local Control Panel (LCP)

Application options
-External 24 V supply card

Serial Communication
- DeviceNet (MCA 104)
- LonWorks (MCA 108)
- BACnet (MCA 109)
- EtherNet/IP (MCA 121)
- Modbus TCP (MCA 122)
- Built-in serial communication for Modbus RTU, Johnson Controls Metasys® N2, and Siemens Apogee® FLN
- Standard EIA-485 interface
- Ease of installation and operation

I/O options
- General Purpose I/O (MCB 101)
- Relay Option (MCB 105)
- Analog I/O w. real time clock backup (MCB 109)
- Sensor Input Card (MCB 114)
Software Downloads
- MCT 10 Motion Control Tool
- MCT 31 Harmonics Calculation Tool
- VLT Energy Box