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You will find Danfoss companies that have not yet been integrated into the Danfoss Group web universe.

There can also be companies that the Danfoss Group have a connection to - but are not owned by the Danfoss Group.

Devi A/S

DEVI was established in 1942 and is since January 1st 2003 a member of the Danfoss Group.Today DEVI is the world`s largest company within the electrical floor heating industry with a considerable market share, and the firm ambition to remain global leader. DEVI has 19 subsidiaries and sales offices across Europe.The primary distribution channel is the electrical wholesale channel which is serviced by DEVI´s own sales force.

Danfoss Redan A/S

The Danish company Danfoss Redan A/S is based in Århus and has since its foundation in 1971 specialised in district heating stations, heat exchangers and components for district heating. The company has about 100 employees. Danfoss District Heating took over Danfoss Redan A/S in November 2003.

Gemina Termix A/S

The Danish company Gemina Termix A/S is based in Sunds and has since the launching of the Termix 20 hot water system in 1986 been in constant development and growth. Today they are market leaders in the field of hot water systems and heat exchangers for houses and apartments. The company has about 75 employees. Danfoss District Heating took over Gemina Termix A/S in January 2004.

Danfoss GmbH

The German company Danfoss GmbH is based in Hamburg, Germany. Since its establishment in 2001, it has sold and developed small and large substations for district heating, domestic hot water systems, anti-legionella systems and sold heat exchangers. Danfoss GmbH employs 28 people and had a turnover of 10 million euros in 2004. Danfoss District Heating took over the company in 2005.

AGH Warmte-units b.v.

AGH Warmte-units is a sales and development company based in Nieuwegein (Utrecht), Netherlands. In recent years AGH has become the leading supplier of district heating substations in the Netherlands through intensive product and sales development in cooperation with amongst others Danfoss District Heating.
AGH Warmte-units was founded 2001 and achieved a turnover of 5 million EUR in 2004.
The Danfoss Group took over AGH with effect from 1. January 2005.

Danfoss Heat Pumps

Danfoss Heat Pumps is one of the leading heat pump manufacturers in Europe. They develop, manufacture and market heat pump systems for heating and cooling. Danfoss Heat Pumps today comprise Thermia, Avenir Energie and Danfoss Steinmann. The business unit has a turnover of 73 million EUR and 345 employees.

Danfoss PolyPower A/S

Danfoss PolyPower A/S designs and manufactures PolyPower® DEAP film. The DEAP technology can best be described as intelligent elastics and holds limitless possibilities: The PolyPower film can be rolled or folded to almost any shape, creating what we call an InLastor™. The InLastor is applied as sensor and/or actuator.

The technology has unique values; dynamic, precise, light weight, flexible, proportional, sensitive and completely silent are just some of them. But even more important is that it can be produced in vast quantities. Danfoss PolyPower has invested in a roll-to-roll manufacturing facility, scalable to meet coming demands.

Danfoss IXA

Danfoss IXA Sensor Technologies – as of April 1, 2009, Danfoss IXA A/S – is a company developing optical sensors for measurement of environmental and energy parameters, gasses, temperatures etc, in harsh environments within industrial, marine, agricultural and horticultural environments. The Danfoss IXA sensors measures the temperature and humidity as well as the presence of gasses in free atmosphere based on world-wide patented technology. We develop sensor technologies based on own ideas as well as on request from strategic partners

Global Services – Technology Centre

Global Services – Technology Centre, has more than 50 years of experience with advisory, testing and analysis. We act as a specialist and support function. We take care of everything which helps your work run smoothly. Think of us as a complete collection of competencies. When it suits you.

Our Services:  

  • Chemical advice
  • Materials and processes         
  • Test and analysis
  • Welding and assembly

In any type of task our point of departure is questioning and intelligent response. Therefore, you can be absolutely sure that we get into the crux of the matter and we ensure that you can proceed without unnecessary delays or costs.

If you are in a hurry, use our Express Service.
Call +45 7488 2555 or see our website

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