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Steam valve - Danfoss

New solenoid valve range improves system stability in steam applications

20 January 2012
Danfoss introduces a range of high performance solenoid valves and coils for steam applications. Fully interchangeable, the new range makes it easy to find the exact combination of coil and valve to meet your steam application needs.

To help customers improve the system stability and reduce the operating costs of their steam applications, Danfoss is launching a new range of steam valves with interchangeable coils. Designed to meet a range of steam process needs, the versatile range combines flexibility with high performance.

Versatile and resilient

Coming to market in mid-January 2012, the new steam range currently consists of two valves: the EV215B and the EV225B. Made from dezincification resistant brass, and with a floating polymer disc and a stainless steel seat, the valve bodies are extremely resilient.

What makes the range truly versatile is that by attaching one of three different coils – designed to cope with temperatures up to 140°C, 160°C or 185°C – the valves can be tailored to meet a range of application needs. All the coils are clip-on, which make mounting and service quick and easy. And with an IP65, the two coils are highly resistant to aggressive technical steam and impurities.
Steam coils from Danfoss
The dirt resistant EV225B is ideal for heating water in laundry machines and dishwashers. The high-pressure resistance of the EV215B makes it perfect for steam injection applications, such as flat irons and dryers. Both valves are also suitable for autoclaves and steam sterilisers, while the EV225B and the EV215B are suited to smaller systems.

For more information about the new range, or for help selecting the right combination for your application needs, please contact your nearest Danfoss dealer.

By Dirk Köster, Market Segment Manager
Solenoid Valves

Solenoid Valves for industrial purposes

Danfoss solenoid valve programme is a wide range of valves for industrial applications. 

The products can be tailored for your industry with different body and seal materials depending on the media in your system.