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Danfoss Poland uses YouTube

YouTube product demonstration films are a hit in Poland

19 December 2011
One of the fastest growing online media, video has fast become one of the most popular ways of reaching your audience on the Internet. Traditionally, brochures, articles, advertising, web content and email campaigns are the marketing tools favoured by sales and marketing teams, but when Danfoss Poland began preparing a communication strategy for three products in 2010, video was added to the mix. Uploaded to YouTube in September 2010, the three product demonstration videos have proved a popular addition to the standard marketing repertoire.

From engineers to film producers

A first for Danfoss, the product demonstration videos include a brief technical description of each of the products: the EV220B solenoid valve, the RT pressure switch and the CS pressure switch. In addition to demonstrating how each product works, the videos also include design details and instructions on how to connect and adjust the valve and switches to suit application needs.

Mariusz Proczek, Technical Support and Marketing Manager at Danfoss Poland explains the process. “To create the videos, we took on the role of screenwriters, directors, camera operators, narrators and editors. From marketing and sales people, to engineers, everyone was full of enthusiasm for the project, because it’s a very effective way of presenting a product, its features, the principles of operation, and how to connect it.”

Each video showcases a different topic. “The CS pressure switch demonstrates how the product works, how to connect the cable and adjust the stop and differential pressure,” says Mariusz. “In the RT pressure switch video, customers can see how easy it is to adjust the pressure range and differential, as well as learn how the SPDT contact system functions. And for the EV220B solenoid valve video, viewers can learn how to change the valve function from NC to NO.”

To date, the videos have been viewed over 8000 times, with the CS video a clear favourite at 5,000 views within the first year. Plans are now in place to upload new product demonstration films to YouTube, including how to maintain solenoid valves, and how to manually override the unit in the event of a power failure.
Available in Polish only, you can view the videos by following the links below:

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