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EV220B solenoid valve for water leak systems

Approved leak detection systems are good news for Norwegian property owners

18 November 2011
Water damage can be costly for Norwegian property owners. When the winter snow begins to thaw, cracks can appear in pipes and building materials which, if undetected, can lead to structural damage. And inside, tough building regulations introduced in 2010 specify that wet rooms and water installations connected to pressurised mains must be connected to a leak detection system to avoid overflows, condensation and water splashes. For over 15 years, leading Norwegian leak protection companies have been using Danfoss solenoid valves in their equipment. And recently, the Norwegian Insurance Approval Board (FG) gave VIWA Watersafe leak stopper system its stamp of approval – a system supported by Danfoss valves.

No damage and lower premiums

Water damage claims cost Norwegian insurance companies around NOK 6 billion each year. With FG approval, consumers can rest assured that the quality of the Watersafe leak stopper system meets the high standards of the Norwegian Insurance Board. And with a VIWA Watersafe system installed, property owners not only avoid water damage, they also benefit from lower insurance premiums.

Eigil Holst, Sales Manager at Danfoss Norway explains the FG approval process: “To qualify for approval, a product must be tested by an accredited test laboratory and hold a certificate issued by an accredited EU certification body. And because Danfoss valves have Norwegian Building Research Institute approval, they also meet the tough requirements for the use of solenoid valves in homes.”

A 12-volt sensor, the Watersafe leak stopper uses one or two EV220B servo-operated solenoid valves. Designed for OEM applications with moderate flow rates, the EV220B closes the system if a leak is detected. Available in a plug-in or wireless version, it can be mounted directly on a pipe or for the wireless version, on any area where there is a danger of leakage. If a leak is detected, the valve will close automatically and a red alarm light will glow. After the leak is located and assessed, the system can be reset and the water mains turned on again.

With savings of up to 20 percent on insurance premiums, the Watersafe leak stopper is bound to be a customer favourite in Norway.

For more information, please contact your nearest Danfoss dealer.
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Solenoid Valves for industrial purposes

Danfoss solenoid valve programme is a wide range of valves for industrial applications. 

The products can be tailored for your industry with different body and seal materials depending on the media in your system.