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Danfoss Helps Customers Prepare For Revised EU F-gas Regulation

08 April 2014
The EU is enacting legislation to phase down the use and emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases because of their high Global Warming Potential (GWP). This regulation, based on a phase down quota, will lead to potentially higher prices on high-GWP HFCs. High-GWP refrigerants will also be banned in specific applications. What does this mean for manufacturers of equipment and appliances? Quite simply, they need to develop products that work with environmentally friendly refrigerants such as ammonia, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons (HCs), R407A/F and other HFOs. Danfoss is a leader in the development of solutions for climate-friendly refrigerants that replace high-GWP HFCs, and, as such, is helping its customers make a smooth transition avoiding potential price increases and/or government taxes.

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