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Pressostatos, simples

O família dos pressostatos incluem componentes de uso industrial em geral assim como pressotatos especiais para aplicações exigentes.
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  • Is it possible to use Danfoss pressure switches when the medium is sea water?
  • After installing the switch and making the setting based on scale values, the real system pressure value and scale value seem not to correspond. What is the reason?
  • Is it possible to use Danfoss pressure switches when the medium is oxygen?
  • Do Danfoss products comply with RoHS directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)?
  • I am looking for the on/off switch with the highest possible IP protection, what options do I have?
  • What does "proportional working principle" mean for KPI pressure switches?
  • Which types of pressure switches have Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) approval?
  • What does it mean that RT switches have “fail-safe function”?
  • Which on/off pressure switch has the highest vibration resistance?
  • What is the maximum pressure range for the MBC switches?
  • How does the manual reset work in relation to on/off switches?
  • What is the neutral band (or neutral zone)?
  • In my application there are pulsations. Which pressure switch should I choose?
  • What does it mean that an RT switch has an IP66 grade?
  • Where can I find approvals and certificates for Danfoss products? E.g. do you have a PED certificate for KP7W?
  • For the RT pressure switches, what do the letters A, W, B and S in the type designation mean?
  • Does Danfoss offer special pressure switches suitable for steam boiler applications?
  • Does Danfoss offer special pressure switches suitable for sea water as medium?
  • How can I protect an installed MBC switch against excessive pressure peaks?
  • What does SPDT stands for?
  • What is the most common contact system type used in Danfoss switches?
  • Which is the best choice among pressure switches for marine applications with high pulsating media?
  • Is it possible to improve the IP enclosure grade for KP switches?
  • What would be the best pressure switch choice for applications requiring high repeatability, accuracy and adjustable differential?
  • What is the difference between MBC 5000 and MBC 5100 switches?
  • When is it recommended to use a gold-plated contact system?
  • What is the key difference between KPS and CAS switches?
  • I'm looking for a Danfoss code number and I have not found it in any catalogues?
  • Could I send you a Danfoss part for repair?
  • Do you have a pressure switch for steam applications, PED approved?
  • Does Danfoss offer products with ATEX certificate (EEx)?
  • What kind of pressure switch can I choose for a water pump?
  • What is the maximum/minimum pressure/temperature at which Danfoss switches can be set?
  • What is the DIN numbering of terminals?
  • I need a spare part for my product. Do you have that?
  • Is it possible to replace the diaphragm on the CS pressure switch?
  • Are the pressure switches KP, KPI and KPS suitable for liquid media?
  • Where I can find technical information regarding on/off switches?
  • What is the material of ¼ in. flare connector in KP pressure switches?
  • How many cycles can KP switches perform?
  • Can I seal the setting of a KP pressure switch?
  • What is the scale accuracy of the KP switches?
  • Do I need an external power supply for RT switches?
  • Can you deliver your products worldwide?
  • Do you have a complete catalogue showing all your products?
  • Can you deliver products exclusively made for us?
  • Which distribution channels does Danfoss use?
  • Can I review your stock online?
  • Where can I find technical drawings of Danfoss products?
  • Where do I direct commercial or technical questions?
  • Do you have local stock?
  • Where can we find your data sheets?
  • Do you have local websites in my language?
  • Is it possible to place orders online?
  • Does Danfoss operate globally?
  • Is Danfoss a German company?
  • Do you offer pressure switches in stainless steel?
  • What is the procedure for setting an MBC pressure switch?
  • Is a bellows-type pressure switch better than a diaphragm-operated one?
  • How can I connect a solenoid valve with a pressure/temperature switch?
  • Do we have device for measurement of liquid level of a open tank?
  • Can I use RT or other pressure switches in steam applications?
  • How do I set up the differential on a CS pressure switch?
  • I am looking for a simple pressure switch to start up my 3-phase compressor - which one should I take?
  • Can you confirm that Danfoss does not use "deca-BDE" for pressure switches?
  • Can I use the RT pressure switch type RT 112 with bio-mass fuel?
  • How can I monitor when I have to change the element of my filter?
  • Where can I find some technical information about your products?
  • Does Danfoss have a product for controlling the vacuum in a vacuum pump?
  • Do you have pressure switches with "GOST" approvals for the Russian market?
  • Is it possible to recognize if a RT has "double" bellows installed, from just looking at it from outside?
  • What do I need to know to select the right product?
  • Can I get quality control plans/process flowcharts/material specifications/FMEA for Danfoss products?
  • Do Danfoss pressure switches feature UL, CSA and ETL certificates?
  • Can you send me literature, brochures or catalogues on your products?
  • I placed an order through e-commerce. Could you please check the delivery dates and inform me the earliest possible delivery?
  • Does Danfoss provide a solution for pressure control of screw compressors?
  • Can I download product approvals & certificate from the Danfoss websites?
  • Is it possible to buy just the contacts for the RT switches?
  • Where do I find production date on pressure or temperature switches?
  • Which media can Danfoss products be used with?
  • Which switches should I use for seawater - or other media with particles or depositions?