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AVTA, Valvole termostatiche con sonda di temperatura

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  • Is it possible to use AVTA for protecting bio-mass boilers?
  • Do you have a device that cools a heating system on rising temperature?
  • How do I remedy reduced functionality of an AVTA after placing the sensor in a immersion pocket?
  • What does it mean that thermostatic valves are proportional and self-acting?
  • Is it possible to replace a copper capillary tube with a stainless steel version?
  • Does an AVTA valve contain any hazardous parts or substances?
  • Is it necessary to dismantle AVTA valve from the application to replace the thermostatic element?
  • Can an AVTA valve be used with glycolic water?
  • Can I use an AVTA thermostatic valve to regulate air temperature?
  • Can high differential pressure across an AVTA valve influence its functionality?
  • Why is the sensor mounting position so important for AVTA with universal charge?
  • What is the difference between the AVTA and AVTB ?
  • Can I use an AVTA valve for heating purposes ?
  • My AVTA valve's sensor with universal charge is only half immersed in the medium. How does this influence the valve's functionality?
  • What is off-set for thermostatic valves?
  • What is hysteresis of an AVTA valve?
  • What is the AVTA valve's reaction time on temperature changes?
  • Which AVTA valve should I use when the ambient air has H2S, destroying the capillary tube?
  • What is the compatibility of AVTA body with deionized water, corrosive for metals?
  • Can you send me a 3.1 certificate for a valve already delivered?
  • Permissible working pressure for the WVTS valve is 10 bar. What will happen if WVTS will be installed in application where pressure is maximum 16 bar?
  • How do I see the production date of an AVTA valve?
  • Is it necessary to install a filter ahead of thermostatic valves?
  • Are AVTA, FJVA and WVTS valves UL or CSA approved?
  • For thermostatically operated valves, are there any requirements to the cooling water temperature?
  • My AVTA valves is noisy - why?
  • How does AVTA react to cooling oil as a medium?
  • Can AVTA be used for a mixture of alcohol and water?
  • Are thermostatic valves AVTA, FJVA, WVTS normally closed or normally open valves?
  • The maximum sensor temperature of AVTA (Regulation range 0-30°C) is 57°C. Can the minimum sensor temperature be down to -40°C?
  • Where can I get the technical brochure for AVTA valves?
  • Are Danfoss AVTA valves UL listed?
  • What is difference between AVTA and FJVA valves?
  • Can the sensor element of AVTA valves be installed in any orientation?
  • How do I select the right size AVTA valve?
  • Can an AVTA valve be installed in any orientation?
  • How do I set temperature on AVTA valve?
  • Can I get an AVTA with ATEX approval?
  • How do I adjust the temperature on an AVTA valve?
  • Can I order just the capillary tube for an AVTA?