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Danfoss Solar Inverters products and solutions


Solar inverters and monitoring and grid management solutions

Danfoss Solar Inverters develops and manufactures a comprehensive range of gridconnectable, photovoltaic inverters for all PV applications.
We supply reliable, flexible and user friendly inverter solutions for residential, commercial and large scale applications worldwide.
DLX inverter range

DLX Inverter Series

The DLX Series of transformer based string inverters defines a new level of efficiency, flexibility and user friendliness

Range: Available in 2.0, 2.9, 3.8 and 4.6 kW

97.3% Maximum efficiency. World class performance in a transformer based solution
MLX Series

MLX Series

Three phase decentral power plant inverter

Range: 60kVA inverter, MLX Inverter Manager, DC combiner

The MLX Concept: With innovative, intelligent system engineering, the MLX concept combines the clear advantages of a decentralized layout with central inverter thinking, representing the best of both worlds.
Interactive model of the FLX

FLX Inverter Series

2nd generation three phase transformerless inverter series

Range: FLX Pro 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12.5, 15, 17 kW.
The FLX series: Easy installation, high yield, easy commissioning and use, designed for reliability.
TLX inverter series

TLX Inverter Series

Three phase transformerless inverter range from 6-15 kW.

Range: TLX, TLX+, TLX Pro and TLX Pro+

35 kg: The weight of 6-15 kW ensures easy and troublefree installation of high performance inverters.
Central Inverter Series

Central Inverter Series. Outdoor Rated US Version

Range: Central Series includes 1000 kW, 1250 kW, and 1500 kW 

Harsh Weather Operation- Up to 50° C Maximum Efficiency Without Derating

Central Series has been designed with the toughest criteria on all critical components, achieving an extremely robust and reliable inverter designed to last for 25 years and to deliver true maximum output power on a continuous basis.
Danfoss SolarApp

Danfoss SolarApp

Danfoss Solar Inverters presents the SolarApp for simple and user-friendly monitoring of Danfoss PV systems. The SolarApp shows live production data – directly from your inverter – anywhere at anytime.
CLX range monitoring and grid management

CLX Monitoring Series

The CLX series monitors up to 20 DLX, ULX, TLX or TLX+ inverters. 
The CLX GM Series is fully compliant with grid requirements.

24/7 real time monitoring.
Anywhere, anytime via smartphone, tablet or computer.

ConnectSmart™ technology makes installation genuinely plug and play.



The CLX GM controls 1-100 TLX Pro or TLX Pro+ inverters.

Fully compliant grid connectivity.
Safe, smart and simple to install

EEG 2012 compliance on new and retrofit systems, made easier with CLX GM 

FLX Series

When Experience meets Innovation

FLX Inverter Series: Avavilable now.
The 2nd generation three phase string inverter from Danfoss
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