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Danfoss Solar ComLynx software

Simplifying PV systems integration

22 November 2010
ComLynx makes it easy to monitor inverter performance

ComLynx is the name of the communication protocol that governs the RS485 communication with Danfoss inverters.

ComLynx is an open RS485 communication protocol, which enables PCs, building control or data-logging systems to remotely access valuable performance data, helping to maximise the efficiency of the PV system.
Available as a free download

As part of Danfoss’ commitment to easing system integration, ComLynx is available online for free download today at All you need to do is register with your email address - this will ensure that you get all relevant ComLynx updates, as and when they become available.

Customisable rules to suit your own system

The ComLynx defines the language and rules governing how systems communicate with the Danfoss inverter.

Comprehensive reporting at your fingertips

ComLynx gives access to a number of inverter parameters. These include relevant inverter identification information and measurement data on both the AC and DC sides, as well as current and total inverter production. In addition, ComLynx can provide inverter status information, including operation mode and inverter event information. ComLynx is read only and does not allow configuration of operating parameters.

Plant performance

Temperature sensors and one irradiation sensor can be directly connected to the TripleLynx inverter, making this data accessible through ComLynx and giving users a complete overview of plant performance.

Detailed user support

The ComLynx user guide is available in English and can also be downloaded free at If you need further information or have a question that is not answered in the guide, please contact