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With TripleLynx, String Inverters have become a genuine alternative to Central Inverters

17 December 2008
The TripleLynx ranges from 10 to 15 kW and thanks to its unique combination of features it is seen as a very attractive alternative to central inverters.

The flexibility of a string inverter with the specifications of a central inverter

Light and easy
The inverters have a weight of 35kg making them easy to install and handle. They can be mounted on the PV tower, on the wall of a building or where convenient. String inverters have the advantage of being a standard commodity, known in the market and easy to work with.  

Broad specifications
The TripleLynx inverters combine 1000 V input with 3x400 Vac and 98% max. efficiency, making it suitable for a broad range of installations. Both where the inverters are placed separately near the PV panels as well as installations where the inverters are collated near the transformer. The high efficiency rate of the TripleLynx inverter is achieved through a combination of low loss design rules, topology and the use of high performance components. In particular high grade semiconductor technology is important for optimum inverter operation, i.e.  Coolmos and SiC-diodes, used in the custom made power modules from Danfoss Silicon Power. The weighted EU efficiency is also exceptionally high reaching over 97%. This is among others achieved through a special low loss mode used under low power conditions.  

Multiple DC input
More PV inputs provide flexibility in the installation as every input has its own tracker. This individual tracking enables a more precise and faster tracking of the optimal performance of every string of modules.  

Three Phase
The balanced three phase output ensures that utility requirements are upheld at all times. This eases installation as only one inverter is required to obtain the three phased balanced output. Balanced three phase operation means that no current flows in the neutral conductor under balanced voltage conditions, thereby reducing losses on the AC side compared to the application of 3 single phase inverters.  

For more information on what makes TripleLynx ideal for large installations please follow the link below. Here you can also find information dedicated to the advantages of 1000V inverters.