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Danfoss Service Concept

Danfoss Solar Inverters introduces new Service Concept

25 August 2008
Danfoss is well-known for providing excellent service and the PV business is no exception.  
It is certain that the service offering is one of the key factors for customers partnering with Danfoss. “Our Service Partners are skilled power electronics people. We draw on our experience in the frequency converter market – we have been in that business for 40 years” says Jane Tønder , Sales Manager at Danfoss Solar Inverters.  

In order to streamline the service offering Danfoss Solar Inverters has introduced a new service concept. In connection with this Danfoss Solar Inverters introduces an inverter hotline in five languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Italian.
The hotline will deal with all service calls and will provide assistance to installers if they run into problems. If the hotline determines that the inverter needs exchanging the new European Inverter Exchange Service guarantees that an inverter is shipped within 24 hours.
If the problem lies in the installation and cannot be solved by exchanging the inverter, on-site service is offered. All on-site service tasks are initiated within a day of the hotline call. All is done to ensure the least trouble for both the owner and the installer of the PV system.

Jane Tønder says: “We strive to offer the best possible level of service and as soon as more markets are ready, we will extend our service offering further”.  

For further information please contact: Sales Manager Jane Tønder, Ph. +45 2944 6792