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ComLynx Datalogger

ComLynx Datalogger

Keep an eye on your PV system from the comfort of your home. The RS485 ComLynx Datalogger, logs information from up to 20 inverters and can store the information for up to 1.5 years.  

The ComLynx Datalogger has:

- Standard RJ45 patch cable cat. 5E
- Suitable for large PV plants with up to 20 inverters
- Measurement data storage - Graphical evaluation
- Aluminium housing IP 21 - RS485 interface for the connection of inverters
- RS232 interface (Sub-D9) for PC connection, modem (ISDN or PSTN) or GSM (mobile net)  

Plus Version
Three analogue inputs can be connected to external sensors to measure air temperature, panel temperature and radiation. One digital input for kWh (S0 interface to power meter). 

More info
The ComLynx datalogger collects all inverter data via the RS485 network and via a piece of software shows the collated data on your PC. This provides an overview of the entire system, along with values on the performance of the individual inverter systems. With the option of connecting sensors as the ComLynx Datalogger + offers, irradiation levels and temperature levels can be added to the calculations providing a truer picture of your system’s performance.
Read more about ComLynx Datalogger by downloading the datasheet under Literature

Approved Modems

• CinterionMC55i-T
• CinterionMC52i-T

Analog modems:
• DevoloMicrolink 56k i

• DevoloMicrolink ISDN i

Please see below for product variants:
Type Product Item No.*
ComLynx Datalogger 139F0038
ComLynx Datalogger + 139F0039
ComLynx Sensor Kit - Light 139F0041  

*) Please use this number when placing an order at our distributors.