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Power Modules – P2 & P3

The building blocks of power conversion

The different power converter topologies in today’s wind turbines lead to significantly different load profiles of the power mod...


P2 IGBT Power Module

  • Half bridge
  • Brake chopper
  • Up to 900 A/1200 V & 650 A/1700 V
  • Temperature sensor 
  • AI2O3 or AIN Substrates 
  • Copper  or AISiC baseplate 
  • Custom configuration on request

P3 IGBT Power Module

  • Half bridge
  • Brake chopper
  • Up to 1400 A/1200 V & 1000 A/1700 V
  • Temperature sensor
  • AI2O3 or AIN Substrates
  • Copper or AISiC baseplate Customer configuration on request

Value added power

Fully customisable, our power modules are tailored to your exact needs to meet your mission profile. All power modules are assembled under clean room conditions using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure unrivalled build quality.

Your specific requirement will depend on a number of factors including: 

  • Load and temperature cycles Size of turbine
  • Your budget
  • Type of cooling system used

By talking to us, we’ll make sure you get the optimum power modules for your turbine.

Keeping cool under pressure

Failure rates are highly affected by the thermal conditions within the power modules. This not only relates to the absolute temperature, but also the temperature swings which must both be controlled and remain as low as possible.

Liquid cooling is the most reliable and efficient method which is why Danfoss has developed its ShowerPower® cooling system.

A lifetime solution
By offering bespoke construction and reliable power modules, Danfoss can offer you a cost effective power module solution for the life of your wind turbine.

Call us today for more information about our fully customisable power modules.