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R407F - A Lower GWP Alternative to R404A in Refrigeration Systems

R407F was developed by Honeywell and named also “Performax™ LT”.

It is a blend of R32, R125 and R134a, and is related to R407C, but has a pressure which better matches R22.

With the recently started discussion to reduce the GWP on refrigerants, R407F could also be an alternative as R404A/R507 replacement. The GWP of R407F is with 1800 lower as for R404A which 3900. R407F is an alternative in both medium- and low temperature applications in commercial refrigeration systems. It is non-flammable and has only low toxicity.
Danfoss - Your CO2 Solutions Provider

Danfoss - Your CO2 Solution Provider

CO2 has absolutely zero ozone depletion effect, and its global warming potential is negligible in the amounts used for industrial and commercial refrigeration.

Danfoss can provide a variety of products for cascade applications, as well as developing trans-critical solutions.