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DCL Eliminator, copperplated solder connections

Optimized for HFC and HCFC refrigerants and mineral or alkyl benzene oils. 80% 3Å Molecular Sieve with 20% activated alumina. Temperature range: -40°C - +70°C.
Ascending Order60 Item(s)
DCL 032SSteel Cu-plated6 mm-6 mm-03 cm20,58 g
DCL 032SSteel Cu-plated-1/4 in-1/4 in03 cm20,58 g
DCL 032.5SSteel Cu-plated-5/16 in-5/16 in03 cm20,58 g
DCL 033SSteel Cu-plated10 mm-10 mm-03 cm20,58 g
DCL 033SSteel Cu-plated-3/8 in-3/8 in03 cm20,58 g
DCL 052SSteel Cu-plated6 mm-6 mm-05 cm20,87 g
DCL 052SSteel Cu-plated-1/4 in-1/4 in05 cm20,87 g
DCL 052.5SSteel Cu-plated-5/16 in-5/16 in05 cm20,87 g
DCL 053SSteel Cu-plated10 mm-10 mm-05 cm20,87 g
DCL 053SSteel Cu-plated-3/8 in-3/8 in05 cm20,87 g
DCL 082SSteel Cu-plated6 mm-6 mm-08 cm21,36 g
DCL 082SSteel Cu-plated-1/4 in-1/4 in08 cm21,36 g
DCL 082.5SSteel Cu-plated-5/16 in-5/16 in08 cm21,36 g
DCL 083SSteel Cu-plated10 mm-10 mm-08 cm21,36 g
DCL 083SSteel Cu-plated-3/8 in-3/8 in08 cm21,36 g