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Line Components, Commercial Refrigeration

The range of line components cover a lot of functions, important for the refrigeration plant. The components are delivered in many sizes and with a lot of connection types.
BML is a manual shut-off valve designed for installation in the liquid, suction and hot gas lines of refrigeration plants. The valve can be delivered...
>BM, shut-off valves
GBC ball valves are manually operated shut-off valves suitable for applications where bi-directional flow is a requirement. GBC valves are approved fo...
>GBC, ball valves
The oil separator type OUB is for use in all refrigeration plants where the compressor lubricating oil must be returned direct to the compressor oil s...
>OUB, oil separators
Heat exchanger type HE is used primarily for heat transfer between the liquid and suction lines of the refrigeration plant. The purpose is to utilize...
>HE, heat exchangers
NRV and NRVH can be used in liquid, suction and hot gas lines in refrigeration and air conditioning plants with fluorinated refrigerants. NRV and NRVH...
>NRV/NRVH, check valves
RD refrigerant distributors distribute liquid refrigerants from a thermostatic expansion valve (with external pressure equalization) to individual sec...
>RD, Refrigerant Distributor
BCV check valves are installed in the liquid line of heat pump air conditioner to prevent counter flow at change over cycles from heating to cooling o...
>BCV, Check Valves, straightway valve body