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Capacity LBP -23.3/54.4°C: 250 - 450 W. Capacity HBP +7.2/54.4°C: 1380 - 2060 W.



Type SC12FTX
Weight 13 Kg
Application energy level Tropical C.
Approval UL 984/CSA-C22.2
Bolt joint for one compressor, 16 mm 118-1917
Bolt joint in quantities, 16 mm 118-1918
CE marking None
Cord relief 103N1004
Cover, electrical components 103N2008
Cut in current HST [A] 38,2 A
Discharge connector material description Cu-plated steel
Displacement [cm3] 12,87 cm3
Application (LBP/MBP/HBP) LBP
Locked Rotor Amps HST [A] 38,2 A
Max. short term wind. temp. [°C] 135 °C
Max stationary wind. temp. [°C] 125 °C
Motor type CSIR
Number of phases 1
Oil quantity [cm3] 550 cm3
Oil type POE
Pack format Industrial pack
Process connector, material description Cu-plated steel
Quantity per pack format 80 PC
Primary refrigerant R134a
Max. refrigerant charge 1,30 kg
Resistance, auxiliary winding [Ohm] 4,20 Ohm
Resistance, main winding [Ohm] 1,20 Ohm
Start Capacitor 117U5023
Start Capacitor capacitatance [uF] 240 uF
Starting relay HST 117U6012
Suction connector, material description Cu-plated steel
Type designation SC12FTX
Voltage 60Hz nominal [V] 115-127 V
Weight of compressor [kg] 13,00 kg